Betsy Dopico


We would like to officially introduce Betsy Dopico to Team CGUG. Betsy is a motivator, presenter, performer, wellness coach, and model in Miami. What does Cowgirl Up with Green mean to Betsy? Born and raised in Manicaragua, Cuba,

Betsy is considered a “Guajira” of which means Cowgirl in English. In Cuba when you live outside of Havana you are considered a Guajira! Betsy states “I am from a country so green!” Cuba has been ranked the most sustainable country by the recently published Sustainable Development Index. Growing up and continuing to live an active lifestyle; swimming in the tropical rivers, climbing, biking, playing different sports in the streets and countless dance competitions and festivals. Betsy’s slogan is making Trendy the Happiness; “Pongamos de Moda la Felicidad.” That being said... It’s only fitting that Betsy Dopico becomes a member of the Cowgirl Up with Green Family.

Welcome Betsy!


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