Citrusy Blend Coco-Nutty Soy Candles

Citrusy Blend Coco-Nutty Soy Candles

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Cowgirl Up with Green has a new blend of candles! Thats right we have added coconut wax to our soy wax to create our Coco-Nutty Soy Candles!

Infused with the clean and fresh scents of oranges, lemons, limes and sweet bergamot. Clear the air with this crisp concoction of citrus fruits.

Coconut wax is known for its remarkable scent throw both when lit and unlit. These candles are vegan, soot free, toxin free, non-gmo and will provide the hot and cold scent throw.


- Classy Wooden wick

- High quality essential oils

- Aprox. 30 min burn time

- Limited edition reusable decorative tinplate

- All natural Canadian Hand Poured

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